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the page with tips for your
vacation on the beautiful island
of Leyte, Philippines.

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internal news about the site, maintanance, coming changes

September -1, 2021:
The first SSL-certificate should run now. he site will be detected as a "secure" site and browser like Firefox do not
stop forwardeding.

October 20th, 2018:
Virus scan of all sites on the server: "Virus Scan Complete.  No Virus Found."

July 20th, 2018:
I will introduce links to others sites about Leyte.

April 28th 2018:
We are new listed here:

Jan., 12th 2018:
We are back :)
The next days I have to check the mails to and sending pictures!

Oct, 30th 2017:
Leyte citizens can make ads for free via the link:
The site will be possibly offline for a few days in November.
The webhost where the site is stored wants to have a too high price for the next year.
If it is not possible to continue there cheaper, then I have to look for a new host :(
But the site will continue to exist, we just started!

Nov, 5th 2017:
The new software version for designing the site is downloaded.
I have to transfer the site from old to new and hope it is possible without problems :)
From today our site is listed at

Dec, 29th 2017:
Until now I could not transfer the site to the new version of the coding program ("CMS").
The main reason is that right now I had to change the server where the site is stored.
First this storage must work fine, then the upgrade to the new version will take place.
Right now I found us here

Jan, 14th 2018:
Sorry, but due to exams until March I could not transfer the site from the old version to the new
software version. Will be done in March!
This non-profit site reports about Leyte Island!
Martin Pochner
Lange Str. 91
D-58089 Hagen
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