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Travel to Leyte
Most visitors will come from North-America or Europe.
As European I could write books about flight routes - even if I wasn't in the Philippines until now (shame on me, I know) -,
but I always look for prices.

Without looking as it is at present I must say, there is no nonstop flight from Germany to Manila
(or any other airport in the Philippines).
This is valid to almost all other EU countries also! Direct flights I found from London!
So a flight with 1 or 2 stop/s can take 30 hours.
Routes that I see often are (if I start from Frankfurt/Germany and not my "Home-airport" Cologne):

Frankfurt to Instanbul/Turkey (Stay), then Istanbul to Manila
Frankfurt to some Arabic country (Stay), then from there to Manila
Frankfurt to Asia (in most cases China) - Stay -, then from there to Manila

So I saw an interesting flight (departure time in CET; in Manila it's then +6 or +7):
Frankfurt 6 PM to Istanbul 7 PM (distance is 1,864 km), then next morning
Istanbul to Manila (distance 9,115 km) 12 hours exactly (with Turkish Airlines)

This 2nd flight has another stop, so 2 stops in total.
15 hours + about 8 hours stay in Istanbul + 7 hours time difference
makes an arrival at the next day at midnight in Manila.

What is not often known in the Philippines: Central Europeans do not know the Philippines as travel country.
There are several daily nonstop flights not only from Frankfurt to Thailand, it's a "normal" holiday country.
Also China and Vietnam are to see at once at every travel agency for cultural interested people.

Right now I found a page about travel to Leyte from Singapore:

Example for a flight in the next days R/T
(you can change the dates)

Thanks for using the following link, if you want to book at Europcar:
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